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SBA 8(a) Certified Small Business

The 8(a) program, designed to assist small disadvantaged businesses, is a powerful and flexible contracting tool for the government program manager. The 8(a) program allows the program manager sole discretion to choose the specific contractor team for his/her tasks. This method will save substantial time, work, and cost during the procurement cycle.

As an 8(a) certified small business, Akumen is pleased to offer services to government program managers.

SBA Oversight & Involvement

The SBA’s role in the program includes:

  • Verifying that a firm is in good standing and is competent to provide the goods and services.
  • Authorizing businesses to communicate and negotiate directly with government agencies.
  • Providing technical, financial, and management assistance, as needed.
  • Assisting with contract administration.
  • Reviewing procurement documentation prior to execution.

8(a) Program Benefits

In the past, program managers at government agencies would undergo a lengthy procurement process. It was a slow process that included multiple approvals along the way. With the 8(a) program, program managers simply select a firm by including it on a procurement request form. The benefits of this program include:

  • Reduced procurement time for program managers.
  • Elimination of multiple required approval levels.
  • Pre-certification of approved companies eliminates the need for evaluation of bidders.
  • Pre-award documentation is not required.

Process Overview

The process of using the 8(a) program is intentionally simple. As a pre-requisite, the program manager must have a valid requirement, a statement of work, and available funds. From that point, there are 6 steps to follow:

  1. Select a Firm
  2. Prepare a Procurement Request (Noting the Selected Firm)
  3. Receive “Authorization to Negotiate” from the SBA
  4. Issue a Request for Proposal
  5. Evaluate Proposal
  6. Award the Contract

Program Managers are encouraged to connect with small business firms to aid in the selection process (step 1 above), but are not required to interview more than one firm.

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