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Office Locations: Massachusetts & Virginia

Employees & Workplace

Our employees are one of our most important assets. Happy and healthy employees are the key to achieving our business goals. With that in mind, Akumen is committed to providing a safe, healthy, and motivational work environment for our employees.

Our office environment includes private offices and open spaces to promote communication and collaboration among workgroups.

Akumen has protocols and procedures in place to ensure workplace safety. This includes monitoring of environmental hazards, establishing evacuation procedures, developing effective protocols, and continually adapting and improving to changing factors. We also encourage employees to speak up should they notice any potential safety issues or wish to voice any concerns.

We encourage healthy lifestyles and personal improvement. Our employee service offerings include recreational opportunities. We offer continuing education to advance employee skillsets. We also promote a healthy work-life balance through flexible work hours and daycare assistance. Through enrichment activities and direct services, we aim to build a healthy, dedicated, and motivated workforce.