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Inclusion & Diversity

Diversity Benefits All

At Akumen, we believe that inclusion and diversity are the key to developing a dynamic, devoted, and successful team. By welcoming team members with unique backgrounds, experiences, characteristics, beliefs, and points of view, we create an environment that embraces differences. Internal diversity also provides the foundation to better serve an equally diverse customer base. Coupled with our strong company values, diversity creates an enriching environment and a healthy, motivated workforce.

Promoting Innovation

We believe that we all have something to learn from one another. Just as we seek to disrupt the status quo in our customers’ business models, the inclusion of different points of view empowers our own workforce. Sharing ideas expands our collective knowledge base and advances our skillsets. Through collaboration comes increased creativity and quicker problem solving. Ultimately, diversity and inclusion lead to greater innovation.


Our leadership team remain personally and visibly involved in operational activities such as setting goals and directions, planning and reviewing performance results, recognizing employees, modeling the organization’s values, and participating in continuous improvement efforts. Senior leaders communicate and reinforce the organization’s values, directions, expectations, customer focus and commitment to learning throughout the workforce.

There’s a reason why diversity and inclusion go hand-in-hand. It’s one thing to hire a diverse workforce, and it’s another thing to welcome the sharing of information and ideas from that workforce. Not only do we seek diversity, but we are committed to making everyone feel welcome and included. We truly believe that the engagement of employees is critical to workplace happiness and productivity.