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Getting to the Cloud

Akumen can help you make a swift, secure and smooth transition to the Cloud.  Our experts can help you migrate to the Cloud and benefit from our tools, capabilities, and unparalleled experience.  We will unravel the complexities of cloud migration, optimize assets and help you rapidly achieve your business outcomes.

To help our clients truly realize the value of the Cloud, our experts can help you in the following areas:

Cloud Strategy

Akumen can help define your journey to the Cloud with our industry insights and strategies to maximize results.

Cloud Migration

Akumen can help you migrate your applications, build new applications, and transform your infrastructure to leverage the cost savings of the Cloud.

Cloud Operations

Cloud Operations is all about not stopping operations. Our experts can help you manage your cloud applications with zero downtime to occur.

Cloud Security

Akumen can help you protect your organizational assets with our Cloud security services including governance and compliance, application security, and cyber defense.